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At Integrated Circles design and support services, we provide AV consultancy, system design, project management, installation, commissioning and maintenance for professional audio visual systems, large and small. Examples of our work can be found in museums, exhibitions visitor attractions, heritage centres, retail, corporate and business presentation, collaboration and marketing facilities in the UK and abroad.

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Our experience encompasses many technologies from image and sound replay devices, many forms of image projection, Pepper's ghost effects, mixed media presentation, digital signage, integrated control systems, effect lighting, sound and soundscapes, wind and hydraulic effects, to show automaton, smells, touchscreen driven and gesture interaction systems too.

Through the years we have implemented projects in listed buildings, ships, submarines, cars, vans, barns, new-build, indoor, outdoors, in damp, warm, cold, humid, dry, dusty, dark, bright, quiet and noisy environments.

Today we carry forward the tradition of delivering well engineered systems, by exploiting technical insight gained through our years as a manufacturer, with "durability" and "reliability" remaining  watchwords for what we do. But today we carry out our work by choosing products from the wide range made by world class manufacturers of scale. Technological advances continue to make unprecedented strides, and at a pace that would far outstretch the capacity and resources of a single  specialist manufacturer. By working with the best in several classes of equipment, it allows an ever greater “wow” factor to be engineered into every presentation environment, transforming the most visionary of ideas into reality.

The nature of what we do means that we often work as part of the greater team of tradesmen, contractors and artisans required to deliver great visitor and user experiences.  Over the years we have been very fortunate to have worked with leading museum designers, office and interior designers, fit out contractors, M&E consultants, lighting specialists, digital artists and film makers.

Today, we deliver our services through Design Consultancy , Design & Build, Design & Maintain or Design, Build & Maintain models as required. We add value to the Audio Visual Experience by listening to our clients’ needs during the consultancy period, analysing the requirements, and using our experience to turn these into working systems using best fit components sourced worldwide.


With our roots reaching back 40 years that as a manufacturer, pioneered the use of solid state medium for sound, video and control system designs, the name Integrated Circles became synonymous with AV systems used in museums and heritage, corporate presentation and boardrooms. “Reliability” became the watchword for our customised systems, some are still in daily use, having powered museums displays in some cases beyond twenty five years with little or no intervention.

Legacy Legacy Legacy
Through the years Integrated Circles dedicated staff earned a reputation for sound project management, innovative design, efficient installation and commissioning of project of various sizes and degrees of complexity.

Consultative selling was not just a trend that Integrated Circles' arrived at when it became fashionable. Because of the highly customisable nature of our products and systems at factory level, it was was of paramount importance. It was a way of working to ensure before we commenced manufacture,  that we fully understood the configuration, what the client needed to achieve, how the equipment was going to be used, the conditions in which it was to operate and the expected overall design life of the facility.

To achieve this level of understanding, the project management team had to work very closely with the client, their designers, architects, and contractors, relaying these requirements to the technical team, so a consultative approach to projects became our second nature.


Integrated Circles Design & Support Services is a service provider. Clients may wish to avail of our services turnkey, from the AV project design phases, through equipment purchase, integration, programming and delivery, then into a whole of life maintenance agreement. Or they may choose á-la-carte, AV consultancy, AV system integration or AV maintenance services.


If the most appropriate solutions are to be proposed for a project, then fully understanding exactly what project outcome a client wishes to achieve is of paramount importance.....

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Integration, Delivery & Installation

System building, integration, delivery, installation and commissioning of projects for turnkey operation is very much part of our DNA.

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Keeping any busy suite of meeting rooms, museum gallery or visitor facility operational for five or even seven days a week will require on going preventative maintenance.

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Business Presentation & Collaboration

The use of audio visual presentation solutions were once restricted to the executive boardroom or staff training rooms, but not anymore! Bring your own device (BYOD), mobile devices, wireless technologies and software conferencing tools have changed all that. Now AV is used throughout enterprises at all levels to bring efficiencies in corporate communication and collaboration.

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Museums & Visitor Centres

Innovation is the key to interpretation that keeps visitors engaged and inspired, providing the breadth and depth of information, knowledge and entertainment that fulfils the expectations of the twenty-first century visitor.

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Temporary Exhibitions

Although temporary in nature, a public exhibition will usually have to operate all day every day, seven days a week throughout its short life.

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Digital Signage

Are you missing an opportunity to communicate with clients while they are waiting in reception, or on the way to your meeting room? Are there important company messages that you need to communicate to staff, who could observing a display in the call centre floor, in the cafeteria or other breakout area?

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Training & Lecture Facilities

Today the ability to live stream, or capture training sessions that can then be re-played over and over from a company's "On-line Academy" brings rewards, allowing the organisation to expand the place of learning to outside the premises, so many more staff and customers can be trained remotely.

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Integrated Circles is a member of Avixa, the audio-visual and integrated experience association.

Avixa, formerly known as InfoComm International, provides industry Education, Certification and Standards and is an ANSI/ISO Accredited Standards Developing Organisation (SDO).

Avixa awards individual Certification to audio-visual professionals who have demonstrated knowledge and comprehension of the science and technology used in communications including audio, video, display and systems. Technicians, engineers, designers, salespeople, customer service personnel, managers and executives are eligible to take the individual certification test.

Avixa’s certification program is accredited through the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) ISO/IEC 17024 certification of personnel as administered in the United States by American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This accreditation achievement verifies compliance with requirements outlined in the internationally accepted standards for assessing personnel certification programs (ANSI/ISO/IEC17024) and for the operation of accreditation bodies (ISO/IEC 17011).

Integrated Circles staff have over the years been delighted to contribute in a small way Avixa’s international success, through participation as volunteers on committees and councils, activities that are always educational and rewarding.  


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