Clients and their design agents often have a sense of what they want to achieve, but on occasion this is based on products or solutions they may have seen in operation elsewhere, at another facility. Whether this is the best fit, or even a good fit for their project can really only be ascertained after a process of needs analysis.

In the early stages of a project, we can act as a sounding board for client ideas, delving deeper into their needs and desires. We will consider the anticipated technology, the frequency of use, duration of individual sessions, project design life, the size of audiences, the environmental conditions, the buiding constraints, the range of staff and visitors that may use the facility , internal routes to the facility,  security implications, running costs etc. 

It is best to keep an open mind in these early stages and be prepared to discuss openly all envisaged purposes, as through this process of documenting the discussion and discovery process, comes the clarity that will reveal or verify the best overall fit with the project goals, budgets and constraints.

Once the findings of the needs analysis have been verified by the client, this documented result will feed into the preparation of a quotation for design & build projects, or into the production of tender documentation and drawings for projects going to a competitive bidding process.  

We can assist the tender selection process by scoring of tender returns against the technical performance criteria and following the selection and installation attend the commissioning of the final installation to ensure it meets the specifications in the documentation. .