At Integrated Circles design and support services, we provide AV consultancy, system design, project management, installation, commissioning and maintenance for professional audio visual systems, large and small. Examples of our work can be found in museums, exhibitions visitor attractions, heritage centres, retail, corporate and business presentation, collaboration and marketing facilities in the UK and abroad.

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Our experience encompasses many technologies from image and sound replay devices, many forms of image projection, Pepper's ghost effects, mixed media presentation, digital signage, integrated control systems, effect lighting, sound and soundscapes, wind and hydraulic effects, to show automaton, smells, touchscreen-driven and gesture interaction systems too.

Through the years we have implemented projects in listed buildings, ships, submarines, cars, vans, barns, new-build, indoor, outdoors, in damp, warm, cold, humid, dry, dusty, dark, bright, quiet and noisy environments.

Today we carry forward the tradition of delivering well-engineered systems, by exploiting technical insight gained through our years as a manufacturer, with "durability" and "reliability" remaining watchwords for what we do. But today we carry out our work by choosing products from the wide range made by world-class manufacturers of scale. Technological advances continue to make unprecedented strides, and at a pace that would far outstretch the capacity and resources of a single specialist manufacturer. By working with the best in several classes of equipment, it allows an ever greater “wow” factor to be engineered into every presentation environment, transforming the most visionary of ideas into reality.

The nature of what we do means that we often work as part of the greater team of tradesmen, contractors and artisans required to deliver great visitor and user experiences. Over the years we have been very fortunate to have worked with leading museum designers, office and interior designers, fit out contractors, M&E consultants, lighting specialists, digital artists and filmmakers.

Today, we deliver our services through Design Consultancy, Design & Build, Design & Maintain or Design, Build & Maintain models as required. We add value to the Audio Visual Experience by listening to our clients’ needs during the consultancy period, analysing the requirements, and using our experience to turn these into working systems using best-fit components sourced worldwide.