With our roots reaching back 40 years that as a manufacturer, pioneered the use of solid state medium for sound, video and control system designs, the name Integrated Circles became synonymous with AV systems used in museums and heritage, corporate presentation and boardrooms. “Reliability” became the watchword for our customised systems, some are still in daily use, having powered museums displays in some cases beyond twenty five years with little or no intervention.

Legacy Legacy Legacy
Through the years Integrated Circles dedicated staff earned a reputation for sound project management, innovative design, efficient installation and commissioning of project of various sizes and degrees of complexity.

Consultative selling was not just a trend that Integrated Circles' arrived at when it became fashionable. Because of the highly customisable nature of our products and systems at factory level, it was was of paramount importance. It was a way of working to ensure before we commenced manufacture,  that we fully understood the configuration, what the client needed to achieve, how the equipment was going to be used, the conditions in which it was to operate and the expected overall design life of the facility.

To achieve this level of understanding, the project management team had to work very closely with the client, their designers, architects, and contractors, relaying these requirements to the technical team, so a consultative approach to projects became our second nature.